Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Greek Lamb Burgers

Though never bored with a traditional beef burger, I was inspired Mark Bittman's article on Burgers Beyond the Basic a few days ago to go out on a limb and take the burgers around here to a new level.  I envisioned some sort of Greek inspired lamb burger (lamburger?) made by mixing ground lamb with various spices and fresh mint, and forming it into burgers.  Unfortunately all the grocery store had available was pre-formed lamb patties.  Though Bittman champions grinding your own meat at home, this would certainly work.  I sprinkled the outside of the burgers with kosher salt and paprika and planned on adding the rest of the flavors through various condiments.

I first made a salad  of thinly sliced red onions and a handful of chopped fresh mint.  I dressed it with red wine vinegar and olive oil and salt to taste.  I cut up big hunks of good quality feta and sliced up a tomato.  Instead of ketchup, I decided to serve them with tzatziki.

I grilled the burgers until cooked through but still juicy.  I also toasted some pitas on the grill to serve them with.

We ate the lamburgers in the pitas, piled with all the condiments.  They were very messy, but a pretty sublime combo of flavors.   Together with a chopped romaine salad, they made for a pretty simple non-traditional burger dinner Bittman would have been proud of.

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