Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mexican Inspired Omelet and Salad

The first time I ate an omelet with a salad was in Paris with my friend Liz.  It was at a small, nearly empty brasserie, and for some reason, the only one we could find open.  We had ended a long night out only a few hours before, and were in desperate need of good (any) food.  We had come to the right place.  The omelet was simple, just cheese and ham, and it served with a simple mixed green salad dressed with what I think was olive oil and lemon juice.  The omelet itself was cooked perfectly and made with the best of ingredients (but of course, this is Paris), but the salad made it out of this world.  It solved the two problems I usually have with omelets: their sometimes overwhelming richness and the sogginess of vegetables cooked inside the eggs.  The acid in the salad dressing and the freshness of the green cuts through the fat in the eggs and cheese, and because the salad wasn't cooked in the omelet, it was crisp and fresh.

Since then I've recreated this dish at home many times.  This Sunday morning I decided to change it up a bit.  The salad I made was Mexican inspired: big chunks of tomato, avocado, scallions and loads of chopped cilantro.  I drizzled on some olive oil and lime juice and seasoned it with salt and pepper.  I put only cheddar cheese in the omelet.  I like my omelets French style, rolled over themselves instead of folded and cooked less than the typical American one (if you want a good lesson on how this is done, check out Julia Child).

In the end, a delicious take on a French classic.  Nothing special or fancy, but a great start to any Sunday.

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